Hi, I'm Anna.

Anna Lasik Grow­ing up spea­king two languages (German and Polish), I star­ted to trans­late long be­fore I knew that I would be­come a trans­lator. In addition, and be­cause of se­ve­ral long-term stays abroad in the USA and Canada, I al­so dis­co­ve­red my passion for the English language ve­ry ear­ly. Be­cause of my passion for foreign languages I de­ci­ded to stu­dy Trans­la­tion, Language and Cul­ture Stu­dies at the Johannes Gutenberg Uni­versity of Mainz in Ger­mers­heim, Germany.

After success­fully com­pleting my MA as a specia­lized trans­lator for eco­no­mic do­cu­ments and for the languages Ger­man, English and Polish in 2013, I de­cided to take part in various additional training courses in or­der to be­come a sworn trans­lator. Hence, a year after com­plet­ing my stu­dies, I re­ceived my state authori­za­tion, which allows me to not on­ly trans­late do­cu­ments, but also to cer­ti­fy the trans­lation with an official stamp.

In 2014, I was offered a middle management position wi­thin the trans­lation in­dustry in Cam­bridge, UK. Since the com­pany was one of the oldest and lar­gest trans­lation agencies in the world, I could not re­sist and took on this opportunity, followed by another po­sition in high­er management in Manchester, UK. All the im­pressions and ex­periences there did not on­ly en­courage me pro­fessional­ly, but of course al­so con­tri­buted to my per­sonal develop­ment. I realized that de­spite all experiences I gained from work­ing for others, I would be most hap­py if I could work for my­self. I am still grate­ful for the time spent in England, be­cause without the management ex­perience in such large and glo­bal­ly operating trans­lation com­panies, I would not have been able to learn as much as I did in such a short period of time. It helped me to see the whole picture and to better under­stand the needs of our customers.

To­day, I do not on­ly trans­late do­cu­ments, but al­so win customers over with my pro­fessional, friend­ly and customer-oriented approach. Every trans­lation is handled according to our customers’ wishes and I am on­ly satis­fied if you are satis­fied too. Diligence, relia­bili­ty and attention to de­tail: each of these character­istics is essential for creating an excellent, com­plete and accurate trans­lation. And that is exact­ly what my name stands for.