Specialized Translation

Creating to­gether through spe­cialized lan­guage.

When trans­lating spe­cialized text types, the trans­la­tor does not on­ly need to know the spe­cial­ized vo­cab­u­la­ry, but al­so needs to have know­ledge in the res­pec­tive sub­ject area. Be­cause spe­cial­ized trans­lations usu­al­ly req­uire thorough re­search, they are as­so­ci­at­ed with a high­er work­load. More im­por­tant­ly, a real pro­fessio­nal will never be able to of­fer you trans­lations in all fields, be­cause trans­lators – as any­one else – are not omniscient and fa­miliar with all sub­ject areas. This is a good thing, be­cause the spe­cial­iza­tion in a few sub­jects on­ly in­di­cates that the trans­la­tor under­stands his/her craft.