General Translation

Coming together through ge­ne­ral lan­guage.

How do you know if your text is writ­ten in gen­er­al lan­guage or not? A text is writ­ten in gen­er­al lan­guage if all mem­bers of the same lan­guage com­mu­ni­ty un­der­stand it, and if, in or­der to un­der­stand the text, it does not re­quire spe­cial­ist know­ledge in a cer­tain field. To some ex­tent, gen­er­al text types may in­clude cer­tain sub­ject matters or areas, but they do not re­quire spe­ci­fic know­ledge wi­thin the sub­ject matter or area. Usu­al­ly, it does not re­quire much re­search when trans­la­ting a gen­er­al text and gen­er­al­ly, these text types do not re­quire spe­ci­fic vo­cabula­ry.