Revision of Trans­lations

for the lan­guage pairs German <-> English and German <-> Polish

Are you question­ing the trans­lation quali­ty of an al­ready exist­ing trans­lation? May­be you simp­ly want to get a sec­ond pro­fes­sion­al opinion on a trans­lation pro­vided by another lan­guage pro­vider be­fore start­ing a long-term col­lab­ora­tion. Are you a trans­lator look­ing for a sec­ond lin­guist to double-check your trans­lation? We will happi­ly com­pare your trans­lation with its source text. In addition to lin­guistic accuracy, we will check your trans­lation for repetitions, style, audience and com­pre­hensiveness. Further­more, your trans­lation will be checked for omissions, mis­trans­lations, false friends, num­bers and names by seg­ment, sen­tence and pa­ra­graph.

Trans­lation re­views are per­formed in Micro­soft Word or Open­Office pro­grams (.doc/.dox/.odt). Adjust­ments made in re­gard to style and con­tent al­ways de­pend on the lin­guist’s lan­guage skills and be­cause of this, all chan­ges made to the do­cu­ment re­main vi­si­ble and it is up to you to de­cide whe­ther you want to ac­cept the change or not (for how to accept/de­cline chan­ges, please go to FAQ).

Be­low, you will find an ex­am­ple of a re­vised trans­lation from Ger­man in­to English.

Example_Revision of Translations